Winemaking in Spain is currently going through a transformation and is producing exciting and diverse wines. Our passion is for wine that tells a story and that brings people together, for the small bodegas, the garage producers but also tipping our cap to some of the bigger players who know how to deliver a great bottle of wine with a heart of modern Spain. Our focus leans to the “leaner” styles of wines, fresh acidity and low intervention, regional grape varieties and labours of love. 

We are retailers, wholesalers and importers, selling Spanish wines since 2005 with 2 delis in West Wales, a city centre Pintxo bar in Cardiff with a snug hole in the wall Vermouth/Andalucian wine bar next door (think draft vermouth, draft fino, plates of cured meats & cheese). We now have 2 Spanish Wines outlets, one in Aberystwyth and the second in Cardiff. Come and visit us at our Vinoteca and Despensas!