Senoras de Otxaran Txacoli


Honeyed and floral with notes of lavender and pineapple

Volume: 75cl

ABV: 13%

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Senoras de Otxaran Txacoli

Bodegas Virgen de Lorea (the oldest and largest Txakoli winery) own 25 hectares of land, all directly surrounding the main winery in this Basque area of Spain. With a cool, moderate climate and plenty of rainfall wines of this region tend to be high in acidity and freshness and typically pair very well with all kinds of seafood and fish.


Only 10,000 bottles of the Senoras de Otxaran are produced each year, with the grapes being chosen from just one plot. The wine undergoes a very similar winemaking process to it’s sister wine, Aretxaga, but the result is a totally different wine. Honeyed and floral with notes of lavender and pineapple, the Senoras de Otxaran has a long, persistent finish and a complex structure.

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