Tinto Quadis Joven


The wine has a soft and silky mid palate, with notes of cinnamon

Volume: 75cl
ABV: 13%

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Tinto Quadis Joven


The albariza land has a characteristic whitish color typical of the countryside of Marco de Jerez, formed from the shells of diatoms and radiolarians of the sea that covered the area during the oligocene period. Its composition is based on calcium carbonate, clay and silica, with a configuration that allows water from the scarce but intense winter rains to fall underground, providing moisture to the vine during the driest months.


On the nose you get aromas of fruits and spices. The wine has a soft and silky mid palate, with notes of cinnamon.
With its fruity aroma and wonderful intense colour, this wine is the perfect companion for tapas and snacks such as Iberian ham, cheese, nuts, olives, caviar, canapés, salmon or piquillo peppers. Its intense yet pleasant flavor combines perfectly with grilled meats, curry chicken as well as rice dishes and roast potatoes. Serve at a recommended temperature of 15C.


Additionally this wine has won numerous awards of which two were gold. a  must try!

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