Casa Outeiro Godello


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Godello Gama Origen

Region: Ribera Sacra
Variety: Godello
ABV: 13%
Winery: Casa de Outeiro


Tasting Notes At sight it offers a greenish yellow color, which shows a typical freshness of a region influenced by cold nights and warm days.
Reminiscent of pink grapefruit, mango and white peach. The palate is fresh, with marked acidity and a long finish.
In our Godello Origen we show a different phase of a wine, which allows us to enjoy a freshness that breaks with the known and takes us to a unique level.


The wine The grapes arrive at the winery are hand slected to elimintate clusters in bad conditions. The sleection is key beacause it ensures we process the best grapes. The grapes are destemed and then pressedto extract the best juice. This is colled and left static for 24-48 hours to precipitate the lees. The clean liquid is decanted and sent to fermentation, which takes place at temperatures bewteen 14 and 16c. Once the alcoholic fermaentation is finihsed, batonage process is started to complex the wines finish in the mouth and give it more structure.
Adter 4 months the wine is botled as we seek to preserve the wines fruits.


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