Padro Blanco Reserva Vermouth


An infusion of citrus fruits and aromatic herbs.

Volume: 75cl
ABV: 18%

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The wine-making origins of the Padró family date back to the year 1886 and to the village of Bràfim (Tarragona), which was, at the time a busy agricultural hub with around 400 inhabitants.

The fifth generation, currently in charge of the winery, are following the same philosophy as their ancestors and producing quality bulk and bottled wine, liqueur wines and vermouths and have taken care to make sure their company keeps up with the times as regards modern wine-making processes and technology (tangential filtration, continuous tartaric stabilization and so on…) at their bottling plant as well as extending the Padró family vineyards and implementing a new grape reception and wine storage facility.

This vermouth was inspired by the desire to make a vermouth enhanced with the Mediterranean citrus aromas that are so intrinsic to the area around Padro & Co’s winery.

They blend an infusion of aromatic herbs with the peel of several different citrus fruits. After several months of maceration, they add an aged white mistela (sweet wine) that is kept especially for this vermouth.

Aromatically intense and very pleasant. Memories of sweet herbs such as star anise, lemon verbena, quina and angelica. Both well-balanced and complex.

An elegant, smooth, refined and well-rounded palate with a slight sweetness, and also a certain bitterness. An elegant and citrus fruit finish ensures freshness and a superb aftertaste giving this vermouth a gourmet touch.

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