VRMT Robles 1L



Oloroso base, hints of coffee, orange peel and honey

Volume: 1l
ABV: 15%

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The Robles family has been dedicated to winemaking in Montilla since 1927. Now in the hands of the third generation, the bodegas has made active breakthroughs to incorporate organic viticulture and work with indigenous yeasts into their traditional methods. At first glance, the vineyards of Bodegas Robles have an air of wildness, with poppies, clover and wild flowers growing alongside the vines. This is all by design, as the family work closely with various national and international research centres to improve their growing methods.


In 2006, Bodegas Robles was awarded Best Organic Company in Spain by the Ministry of the Environment of Spain and Food of Spain Award for Ecological Production 2014 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain.


Working with two Michelin Star chef, Paco Morales, the Robles family have produced the vermouth VRMT de Robles, based on an organic Oloroso wine that has aged for eight years in oak barrels, giving it an elegant vanilla aroma. The slight touch of Pedro Ximenez introduces a wide range of aromas from quince jelly and hints of honey. The complex aging system of Solera y Criadresas produces a very old Oloroso wine that is slightly refreshed each year with younger wines, developing a unique combination of maturity and freshness.


VRMT de Robles is macerated with ten aromatic plants that grow in the organic vineyard itself in an attempt to transfer the complete experience to the vermouth.


Paco Morales has incorporated aromas drawn from his experiences and memories of Andalusian gastronomy, responsible for its balance between sweet, bitter and acidic notes that allows a prolonged presence of the aromas on the palate and nose.


Recommendations for pairing are: olives, cheeses, ham, smoked meats, mussels and clams. Any food from the sea complement beautifully. It is perfect with sweet flavours, especially darker flavours such as chocolates. We also recommend combining it with nuts or fruits such as orange and raspberry.

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