Amontillado 8 (Mar 7)



Hints of pepper, bitter herbal notes, warm and woody

Volume: 750ml
ABV: 18.5%

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María José Romero, is a descendant of Pedro Romero and owns a bio-dynamically managed vineyard in the area.

Appearance Attractive amber verging on antique mahogany, bright copper highlights, legs.

Nose Classic Amontillado nose, clean, fresh, with lots of toasted almond, hazelnut and a hint of toasted bread and an incisive, saline coastal note with a trace of flor bitterness, meaning it was once Manzanilla. It is really fragrant and nuanced and encourages you to keep on nosing it, which is very rewarding, even without drinking it.

Palate Crisp fresh and lively with immediate appeal, it is at a beautiful stage of its crianza where, while it retains most of the character of its Manzanilla origins, it has developed complexity in addition to that without taking up too much wood. It tastes very natural and clean, beautifully balanced and long.

This delightful Amontillado from Sanlúcar has an average age of fifteen years and was selected by Marіa José Romero who runs the despacho and who comes from a family of bodegueros (Pedro Romero) and is thus very skilled in Manzanilla matters. This wine was bottled by Delgado Zuleta, to whom she is also related, and that attests to its quality. This is what Amontillado is all about.

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