Barquero Grazziani Vermouth



Aromatic, acidic and sweet.

Volume: 1l
ABV: 15%

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This vermouth is a low intensity red amber colour.  On the nose you have a high intensity of citrus notes, especially lemon and orange, with aromatic herbs and cinnamon. On the palate you have a round, clean and balanced mouth feel with acidic notes. This acidity is followed with a sweet aftertaste.

A result of a complex production that begins with a neutral wine base, to which are added alcohol and a large number of aromatic plants and spices. These aromatics impart their unmistakable characteristics to the wine over years of ageing. This vermouth belongs to the Gracia winery project of the Perez Barquero de Montilla group Cordoba. To be enjoyed as an aperitif, this vermouth goes well with olives, pickles, salads, seafood and carpaccios.

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