Delgado Zuleta Manzanilla La Goya Sherry 37.5cl


Aromatic, complex, saline, hints of citrus

Volume: 37.5cl
ABV: 15%

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Having produced sherry for more than two and a half centuries since 1744, Delgado Zuleta is the oldest family-owned winery in the Jerez and Manzanilla districts. It is located in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, a small coastal town at the mouth of the Guadalquivir river. The Delgado Zuleta family named their sherry after the famous Flamenco dancer Aurora Jauffre, dubbed ‘La Goya’, as they believed it shared her intense, elegant, yet powerful qualities.


This sherry has a distinct and punchy camomile (manzanilla is Spanish for chamomile) and almond nose as well as a complex, salty tang with lime overtones from the chalky ‘albariza’ soils in which it’s grown. This is a manzanilla pasada – it has been aged for a relatively long time (8 years, compared to manzanilla standard of about 4 ½).


Allergens: Contains sulphites.

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