Don PX Cosecha 2018



Sweet and dense with flavours of dried fruit and citrus notes.

Volume: 37.5cl
ABV: 17%

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With a deep amber colour, this complex, fruity, sweet wine has an aroma of fig, honey and raisins. Sweet and dense on the palette with flavours of raisins, figs and dates. It has a persistent finish characterised by an intense honey sensations and a citrus aftertaste. Balanced and light. Excellent at the end of a meal or with blue cheeses. Best served at 12-14C.

This sweet wine is made by Toro Albala, a winery founded in 1922 in the heart of the Cordoba countryside. Toro Albala winery is situated in Montilla-Moriles in the hills south of Cordoba. Like neighbouring soils, the jerez soil is chalky with a high humidity which is beneficial because of the harsh summers where temperatures reach 45 degrees. The PX vines thrive under these conditions. Around 30% of their grapes come from their own vineyards and 70% from partner growers in the Morilles Altos district.  This wine is made using naturally sun dried Pedro Ximemez grapes which have been picked during full maturity. After they have turned into raisins the wine is made and bottled unfiltered.


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