Marianito Vermut Rojo


A special vermouth, with flavours of cardamon, thyme, juniper and orange.

Volume: 1l
ABV: 15%

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Vermut Marianito is a combination of quality wines and a mix of aromatic herbs selected one by one and macerated in oak barrels.

Intense mahogany with amber brushstrokes, Marianito vermouth is made with traditional vermouth and botanical herbs specific to the manufacture of gin. That’s why its flavor is so special: thyme, juniper, ripe orange and a touch of cardamom create a complex and long flavor, with an elegant bitterness at the end.

Its smell of mountain herbs and nuts transports us to the incredible landscapes of northern Spain, to enjoy a good meal with friends and to savour a Marianito with the appetizer.

A different vermouth, special and intense, pure bottled tradition.

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