Sentada Sobre La Bestia


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Sentada Sobre La Bestia

Grape Variety: 58% Monastrell, 18%Tempranillo (also known as Tinto), 15% Garnacha tintorera, 9% Malvasia.
Region: Valencia
Producer: Fil.Loxera
Volume: 75cl
ABV: 15%

This mediterranean wine is an intense cherry red colour with an exceptionally shiny hue. This is an intense wine with flavours of red fruit and flowers as well as an elusive but noticeable hint of toasted caramel.

When drunk, this wine is full-bodied but not at the expense of pleasant sensations of lightness and freshness. Overall, the wine is exceptionally smooth in colour, nose and feel, with just the right measure of mature tanins making it easy to drink
Allergens: contains sulphites.
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